Why Us

Most genealogical books stores deal primarily with hard bound new and used books on genealogical research, in general, or for a particular area or region. The Genealogical Books Super Store does that, but we take it a step further. We will be actively taking books which are out of copyright and digitizing them, so that our customers can buy them in electronic book format (E-Book) at a substantial savings over regular hard bound books, even the used variety, plus instant delivery of E-Books. But beyond that, we are also digitizing, on a continuous basis, unpublished, microfilmed county records, for areas all over the nation, that will very likely never be found in published form, and we want to hear from you about what your needs may be in your area of research.

We are an interactive store, offering new material on a continuous basis, and we have featured products each week, available at reduced cost, as well as a newsletter to which you can subscribe that will keep you up to date on our new releases, and on our future plans and time lines for upcoming projects. We are interactive in the sense that we will be working to try to bring to you what you want to have available, if it is possible to do so. Very few other stores offer such interactivity. We are always available and welcome your feedback and inquiries. We guarantee a prompt response, and every effort we can make to get what you need, if it is possible, and make it available for our customers. And if we can’t do it, we’ll tell you why.

We’re glad you stopped by, and we hope we can be of service in your research needs.