Store Policies

Items will be shipped promptly, Monday through Friday, usually within 24 hours of receipt of order. E-Books will be transmitted as attachments to an e-mail message, so please include your e-mail address with your order. If there are any problems with your order, you will be notified at once.

Because of the nature of genealogical books and materials, all sales will be considered final, and returns will not be accepted, except in cases of damage to a book or CD in transit. We will be glad to provide, without charge, a copy of the Index to any of our books, where it is possible to do so, to allow you to determine if a surname in which you are interested is contained within that item, although we cannot do "lookups" within the contents of the items themselves.

Privacy Notice

All information supplied by our customers will be held in strict confidence, and no lists of names or other customer information will be sold, given, or exchanged with any person or entity.

Conditions of Use

The materials sold in our store are either in the public domain, or are being sold through license from the copyright holder. Some items have additional narrative added in later years for clarification purposes. These latter items may not be reproduced and sold, except through permission from The Genealogical Books Super Store. All Electronic Books(E-Books) are copyrighted, although the facts within them, if they are of public record, are in the public domain. E-Books may not be resold or reproduced in other media format(such as, but not limited to, printed books) and sold, without the express consent of The Genealogical Books Super Store, and/or the author of the E-Book, using any method of reproduction now in use, or which, by advancement of technology, becomes available in the future. Small snippets of such E-Books may be used by reviewers in preparing a critique of the work, provided that we are notified in advance of such use.

Digital copies of microfilmed county and state records are copyrighted as to arrangement, design, narrative and presentation, although the facts within such copies, if in the public domain, may be freely used.

The Genealogical Books Super Store is a division of BillCo Enterprises. Any questions should be directed to us here,
or, by U.S. Mail to:
P.O. Box 51796, Amarillo, TX 79159-1796